Speech Therapists Improve Reading and Literacy Skills

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Speech-Language Pathologists Improve Reading and Literacy Skills

by Marie Ann Lopez

Yes. Language learning is complex. Nevertheless, children acquire language automatically as a result of direct interactions with their caregivers and their surroundings. It is important to note that language learning develops in stages: different stages requiring different hurdles to be met and mastered. Although no two children are alike when it comes to language learning, the order in which the stages are reached are essentially the same.

According to the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA), language-based learning disabilities are “problems with age-appropriate reading, spelling, and/or writing”. The term language-based learning disabilities encompasses a wide range of difficulties in both written and spoken language. Some of these difficulties are apparent when a child is, for example, spelling, learning the alphabet, and expressing ideas. Let’s highlight that these types of disabilities do not correlate with intelligence levels. In fact, most people diagnosed with language-based learning disabilities range from an average to superior intelligence.

Parents and educators take the frontline in detecting language-based learning disabilities. During the critical years of language acquisition it is imperative to closely monitor your child’s development in an effort to uncover any language-learning disabilities early on. The early detection will pave way to necessary intervention, if appropriate.

If a language-based learning disability is identified, a Speech-Language Pathologist is recommended. As certified professionals, Speech-Language Pathologists play a crucial role evaluating a child’s written and spoken language to determine what are the child’s specific needs.  Based on the results, the Speech-Language Pathologist establishes a customized plan for the child.

Speech-Language Pathologists are able to use a wide range of resources including, but not limited to, classroom material to personalize the lessons. Furthermore, they may work alongside parents and educators to develop strategies and better integrate the child’s day-to-day with their special learning development. Working as a team a Speech-Language Pathologist will help your child reach those language hurdles and overcome them.

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