Typical Speech and Language Development for Children 2-3 years old

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There is a typical sequence of speech, language, hearing development for children of all ages. Below is a quick look at communication developmental milestones for a 2 to 3 year old child. Milestones are tasks and behaviors your child should be able to exhibit or produce at this age.


  • Understands differences in meaning (“go-stop,” “in-on,” “big-little,” “up-down”).
  • Follows two requests (“Get the book and put it on the table”).
  • Listens to and enjoys hearing stories for longer periods of time


  • Has a word for almost everything.
  • Uses two- or three- words to talk about and ask for things.
  • Uses k, g, f, t, d, and n sounds.
  • Speech is understood by familiar listeners most of the time.
  • Often asks for or directs attention to objects by naming them.
  • Asks why?
  • May stutter on words or sounds

If your child is having difficulty completing any of these tasks, talk with your Pediatrician or call Pamela Rowe Speech Therapy of Jacksonville for more information. Your child may benefit from a Speech and Language Evaluation and possible Speech and/or Language Therapy. Click here for a few tips on increasing your child’s communication at this age.

Source: http://www.asha.org/public/speech/development/12/

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